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TEW Code of Conduct

The Eternal Watch was created to provide a family atmosphere for general game play with a primary focus on end-game content (raiding) and raiding progression, as well as PVP grouping. Many of our guidelines focus around raiding; however, some common sense applies. In general we hold our members to a standardized set of behavior guidelines and ask members abide within reason to this Code of Conduct. Those not following these guidelines are subject to discipline and possible removal from the guild.

If interested in joining the guild, please do not waste your’s or our time applying if you do not believe you can follow these guidelines.

The Eternal Watch Code of Conduct


As a new recruit you are still a representative of the guild…as such, you will abide by these rules. Failure to do so may extend your recruiting status or lead to permanent removal from the guild.

All new members are invited on a 2-3 week probation/recruiting period. During this time you have full rights as a member for signing up for raids and loot. The “recruit” status is primarily to designate who is new to the guild for everybody to get to know and interact with. After this trial period there is a guild vote and if we feel you have proved your worth within the guild, you will be promoted to full member.

Do not demand a promotion! Demanding advancement through the ranks proves to us you're probably not the best candidate for a promotion. That being said, if your recruiting period has completed and you have not heard otherwise, feel free to inquire with an officer on your recruit status.


You are NOT required to raid or participate in guild events; however, keep in mind the primary focus of the guild has been raiding (for either PVE or PVP), so the expectation is for members to participate when they can. We do not request you log on every single day or request any certain number of hours per week. That being stated, when there is a group event occurring, the expectation is unless positions are filled or other valid reasons exist , any max levels online should be in the group. Dedication gets you better acquainted with fellow members, shows your motivation to advance in the game, and increases your chances for going on future raids/events.
Part of that dedication also is ALL guild members are expected to keep up with current guild news, events, and announcements by visiting the guild forums at least once a week.  Those individuals who have not visited the guild website within a two-week period are subject to demotion within the game and removal of their Guild Bank and Guild Store privileges.  Those who have not visited the guild in more than a month without previously posting their absence on the forums can be removed from the guild for inactivity.


As a member of The Eternal Watch—full member or recruit—you are a formal representative of the guild and your fellow guild mates. If you observe someone bashing the guild or its members in chat or elsewhere, step up and defend them; silence is the same as agreement.


Ninja-looting and Kill-stealing will not be tolerated, regardless of the group situation…EVER. This not only applies to guild members, but anybody you participate with in the game, be it 4-man PUGs, PVP groups, or whatever. When you do something reflecting badly on yourself as a player, it also reflects badly on TEW as a guild.

Before a group/raid you are in begins, make sure you know the loot rules if any. Understand them. Obey them.


If you do something wrong (cause a flame war that could damage our reputation, accidentally “ninja’d” something, etc.) please let an Officer know IMMEDIATELY. If you tell us beforehand we can better defend you or at the least are aware of it so we’re not blindsided if the issue is brought to our attention. If you do not inform us and it blows into a fiasco, expect the I will NOT permit any type of guild drama.


The guild is very friend and family oriented, as such try to help out guild members when possible. This is not to say you should drop everything you are doing and play the game for somebody else, just keep common courtesy in mind.
If you're not doing anything and someone asks for help, please consider it. On the flip side, those requesting help also need to realize other members may have limited time and are playing the game for their enjoyment as are you. Just because nobody replies to you in guild chat does not mean they are ignoring you…people may be busy, AFK, or in the middle of something. The game does not revolve around you and you alone.
No Begging!
While we understand as a low level there may be items you want to purchase, craft, or obtain and you don't have the means to get, please do not beg! We were all poor lowbies at one point and all needed to find ways to make money or make do with what we had. If you need an item crafted, feel free to ask for it; however, continuous requests are not appreciated, particularly if you complain of not getting something fast enough for your liking. We all have our own agendas during the time we're logged on; so don't expect people to drop everything they are doing immediately to help you.


We strongly suggest members avoid Political, Religious and Sexual topics in Guild/Ventrilo Chat. These topics are too emotional and problems always result.

In addition, although we are an older group of players, realize cussing and other profanity is not routinely acceptable due to many of us having younger family members playing. In general, if you cannot say the same thing to your parents or at a job interview, chances are it’s not going to be tolerated in guild/Ventrilo chat. We realize raids and in particular PVP can be heated at times, and we ourselves are guilty of an occasional slip, just don’t make it commonplace.


Be respectful to your fellow guild mates! This might seem like common sense, but it bears repeating…whether it be in public, guild chat, or a raid, treat others as you would have them treat you. Some examples:
  • Not every member of the guild has all max level characters; for some people this might be their first character on a MMORPG. If somebody asks a silly question, even if it's something obvious like "How do I move?" don't pick on them. You were a newbie at one point, too. This holds true for members and strangers alike.


  • If you say you'll "BRB", do not keep people waiting 45 minutes wondering where you went. If you make plans to do something with other members of the guild don't flake out and not show up. Real world activities can be forgiven; however, if you agree to run an instance or go on a raid, don't decide at the last minute whatever quest or PVP stuff you're doing is more important. Don't make the commitment if you don't intend on following through…particularly when it comes to raiding.

These codes of conduct can change at any time…

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