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re: Warlock Nightblade

This is a build I’m very excited to expand upon because I have been working on a similar build for awhile. It’s inspired by Force Strategy Gamings recent build he dubs the “Warlock”. This build is quite similar and serves the same purpose, but with a few key changes. First and foremost, you will be playing as a vampire. The passives and abilities from the vampire skill line synergize with this build quite nicely, while keeping the same concept. This is a pure dps and self sustaining build that could be used in just about any instance. It seems like it would excel in most small group dungeons, PvP, and solo gameplay. Not much is known about adventure zones to say it is great choice for that. However, with some slight modifications you could probably make it work in large scale raids.


Altmer: increased max magicka and magicka regeneration, as well as fire and frost damage (which we’ll be using)

Dunmer: decent max stamina and magicka, as well as increased fire damage and resistance (nice bonus for playing as a vampire)

Breton: generic choice for increases to max magicka, spell resistance, and magicka cost reduction

Attributes and Gear

Assuming the health attribute will be nerfed again to give an equal amount comparative to stamina and magicka then go pure magicka 49M/0H/0S. Even if kept as is, having more magicka would not hurt. For gear 5 light and 2 heavy would work the best. The light armor is pretty self explanatory. 2 pieces of heavy to increase your survivability and slightly increase the duration of Unstoppable.

Bar 1: Fire Destruction Staff

(Sorry I don’t know how to make a pretty little clickable link)


This bar is meant for single target dps and keeping your target at bay. The morphs are in parentheses.

Cripple (Crippling Grasp): Solid dps and allows you to control a 1v1 engagement. Keep your enemy away from you with a ranged immobilize, reducing their moving speed and increasing yours over time. Also, prevent your enemy from getting away from you, being one of the only ranged “stop you in your tracks” abilities.

Silver Bolts (Silver Shards): Stamina dumping ability. This is an important addition considering Invigorating Drain will be on your bar recovering stamina. A lot of VR casters use this to dump stamina and do decent damage at the same time. You also get the added benefit of stunning undead, daedra, or werewolf’s if your lucky enough to be fighting one.

Assassin’s Blade (Impale): Your finisher. Nuff said.

Destructive Touch (Destructive Clench): Solid damage and “get the hell away from me” ability. Knocks enemy back and stuns.

Drain Essence (Invigorating Drain): Drain the soul of your opponent, stunning them and draining health while you recover health, stamina, and ultimate over 3 seconds. When an enemy gets close, use this ability, and then hit them with a Destructive Clench to return them back to where they came from!

[Ultimate] Soul Strike (Soul Assault): High damage ranged ultimate over about 4 second channel time. The enemies movement speed is reduced greatly during the channel duration, making it extremely hard to get to you.

Bar 2: Frost Destruction Staff

(Devouring Swarm is the ultimate here, but Esohead doesn’t allow you to slot it as one)


This bar is meant for AoE dps, while containing a lot of survivability and health sustain as well.

Strife (Swallow Soul): Use this ability to open with in order to sustain your health from dealing massive AoE damage. The passive of additional healing also helps increase the amount healed from Refreshing Path and Devouring Swarm.

Path of Darkness (Refreshing Path): Lay this sucker on top of Elemental Blockade to almost double the damage enemies will be taking in the area over time. This allows you to run around quickly within the area and easily kite enemies with Elemental Ring. Lasts about 10 seconds.

Wall of Elements (Elemental Blockade): Large ground AoE, which will create your playing field for Refreshing Path and Elemental Ring use. It only lasts for 3.5 seconds so be sure to keep reapplying it on top of your enemies and Refreshing Path.

Impulse (Elemental Ring): PBAoE that is used to deal significant damage and cause the chilled effect (snare) on your enemies. This allows you to kite large groups of enemies within your Elemental Blockade/Refreshing Path area easier without getting hit. With these 3 AoE abilities you should be able to sustain your health quite well with the amount of damage you will be pumping out (even with the recent nerf to the healing of Swallow Soul).

Immovable (Unstoppable): Increases armor and spell resistance for higher survivability since you will be in the face of the enemies while doing AoE damage. It also acts as a means to spend some of that stamina.

[Ultimate] Bat Swarm (Devouring Swarm): Massive AoE damage over 5 seconds, while draining health at the same time. Sounds good to me!

Leave some feedback on what you think of this build inspired by Force.

Link to actual post


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